We have not succumbed to “Yo Gabba Gabba”…yet…

HBO loved us.  Throughout our long history with cable, we  followed their original programming religiously.  DEADWOOD was appointment viewing, even though we got a DVR at about the earliest possible moment.  I watched TRUE BLOOD from the beginning–Andrew bowed out due to a lack of stomach for gratuitous blood-sucking.  Point of fact, we both have a history of watching things that no responsible parent would watch with a child.

We’ve listened smugly as friends have extolled the virtues of or threatened to go insane from the deep well of children’s programming out there.  Then…well, then we became parents ourselves.  We talked about all the things we wouldn’t do–use the TV as a babysitter, fall victim to the land of cartoons.  As any parent will tell you, that is all well and good…until you actually try to get something done with a child who refuses to nap for any great length of time.

At first, things seemed easy.  Harry loved the action on TOP CHEF (I think it was the people running around with knives).  His lullabies were–and still are–the music of Guns N’ Roses.  He loved to sit and cuddle…until he realized that crawling and cruising were much more fun.  He constant curiosity and energy are great, but his 1-1.5 hours of naptime does not prove very helpful to the full function of a house-hold with two shedding dogs and a toddler who gets fed a steady diet of home-prepared food.  Anyone will tell you that I am not the most tidy of cooks…and so it began.

TANGLED, DESPICABLE ME and SHREK have all found their ways into our household routine.  I made the mistake of  letting Harry watch GNOMEO and JULIET, so that has become a staple, as well.  I can tell you in all honesty, that I will now come down on the side of Madonna in her feud with Sir Elton thanks to that atrocity.  The common theme with all is that they are designed as much for adults as children.  The lowest age most are advised for is “5+”, but they make all of us giggle–except those damn gnomes; Harry is the only one to see the value there.

The fact remains that we still do not watch many things that are child appropriate.  The last season of TRUE BLOOD and all of GAME OF THRONES were watched via DVR after bedtime or during naptime.  We never even have had a chance to get into BOARDWALK EMPIRE.  Our DVR tells us the space it has for us to record is ever-shrinking, and that is not just because we keep some of Harry’s favorite movies on it.

What to do about it?  The only logical thing we could do–start a blog so that it becomes our duty to watch these things and comment.  What could be healthier, right?

This blog will be filled with our musings on the things we watch, the world at large, and how things keep changing as we navigate the most dangerous waters there are…those of parenting!


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